July 13, 2015

Time 4 Solar (T4S) was one of several quotes we received for Solar on our home. They were very professional and informative regarding systems and functionality - Explaining exactly how the whole process would work from start to finish. We chose T4S because of the low key sales approach and the vast experience and knowledge of the owner and his staff.  They clearly stood out as the most knowledgeable and honest.  We were also happy with the fact that our panels were made in the USA!   T4S met and exceeded all obligations and schedule commitments.  The staff was always professional and courteous and kept us informed on the installation process giving us status updates daily.  The best part is that after paying very large electrical bills for years, the system that T4S designed and installed for us is performing better than we ever expected.  We had hoped to get our usage down into Tier 1, but our output has exceeded our expectations.  SDGE will owe us money or we will at least break even, making the payoff of the system even faster.   I need to mention the Tax incentive.  At least until December 31st 2015 you can take off 30% of the installation cost directly off your taxes, which was  a big savings for my family this year.  I highly recommend Time 4 Solar to anyone considering a solar system and wants a contractor that completes a clean quality installation.

June 17, 2015

When we started to explore options in Solar, we came across many different companies that all appeared to offer the same thing. It was very confusing and frustrating, and each provider presented their “approach” as the best for our home.

It was only after we met with Marty @ Time-4-Solar, that we really understood our true options. Marty took the time to explain, in a way we could really understand, how he would design, prepare, install and train us on our solar investment. His patience and transparency, his courteous and approachable team, all made the experience incredibly positive.

We really appreciate Marty’s style and his willingness to make sure we were fully prepared and ready to make this important commitment. Since our installation, Marty’s been available for ongoing questions and help. It has really been a great experience for us.

June 17, 2015

Hiring Marty Jones and Time 4 Solar to do our installation turned out to be a great idea and we are so happy not only with the results but Marty and his team and how seamless they made everything.

I’m sure it wasn’t a typical installation for them, rainy days and thick fog were only a couple of the challenges they faced, but it wasn’t unusual for us to come home and find Marty and his team with headlamps on working into the night-always secured in of course!

They met every deadline they promised and as I said before, the results speak for themselves.  Our bills are way down and were just getting started!

I would recommend Time 4 Solar to anyone interested in solar.